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$115 - 130

$115 - 130

$120 - 145.

Clinical Repair

P.C.A Skin Peel Treatments

These treatments are formulated to correct, firm, treat individual skin conditions through appropriate peels, stimulating collagen production……(best results in a series of 3-5) treatments. Complimentary Home care kit included with first peel. PCA products are mandatory with peels. Take Home Kits $20-40.

Sensi- Peel 

Ultra Peel 1 & 2 



Oxygen-Infusion Facial “Rejuvenate” Infusion                                   $150*/175

Powerful antioxidant Treatment reduces, visible signs of aging, leaving the skin healthy, and dramatically hydrated……….*Celebrity Favorite!

Atoxelene” Infusion               $150*/175

Visibly relaxes wrinkles, smoothes fine lines…similar to “Botox”……..

The Red Carpet”                   $195*/$250

Start with a full Signature Facial, with microderm, and two infusions: “Atoxelene & Rejuvenate” *** Most Requested Facial for Special Event….Wedding, Award Shows……

* Series of 4 or more facials

Skin & Body